12VPN Recommendation – How 12VPN Protects Your Anonymity On The Web?

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While most internet users desire 100% privacy on the web, the level of anonymity available to an ordinary web user is dwindling day by day. This is the result of widespread surveillance and monitoring which has turned web into a personal fiefdom of governments and corporations. If you want to browse the web in a safe and secure way then you must start using a privacy solution (such as a VPN) to keep your privacy in check. This article will focus on the 12VPN VPN service and show how it can help you to protect your privacy on the web.

Background - 12VPN is a privacy product from Anuson Limited, a Hong Kong based company. Although Anuson was formed in 2007, the team behind the company has over 20 years of experience in designing, deploying and managing networks and hosted solutions. The company launched its very own VPN service, 12VPN, to offer unbeatable privacy, convenience and accessibility to web users.

12VPN Security Features

12VPN supports a lot of VPN protocols including PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP, IKEv2, IPSec and OpenVPN protocols. The inclusion of so many protocols ensures that the customers would be able to achieve a very high level of security on a device of their choice. The 12VPN service encrypts data with 128-256 bit encryption allowing you to keep your social accounts and financial transactions safe from prying eyes. Here are some additional security benefits of using the service:

1) Security - 12VPN shields your online presence from surveillance, monitoring, hacking and security threats by creating a strong layer of security around your web sessions. In addition, the service scrambles your data with a strong encryption protecting you from all kinds of thefts and data misuse. These features offer privacy and protection not only for wired connections but also protect your unsecured wireless sessions at public places (such as airports, malls, coffee shops and restaurants). What’s more, the service can be used for securing not just the browsing activities but also emailing, IRC, VOIP and FTP sessions.

12VPN’s logging policy is clear; the company does not keep a record of traffic logs or any kind of personally identifiable information. Although the company does not share subscriber information with third parties, it will fully investigate criminal activities happening within the network.

2) Censorship - The 12VPN service allows you to circumvent the firewalls and censorship prevalent at locations like China, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Brazil and institutions such as schools and workplaces. Once you are connected to a 12VPN server, you would be able to access Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, YouTube and Skype even if the service is blocked at the country or organization level.

12VPN Accessibility Features

VPN services such as 12VPN also make the premium On-Demand services more accessible from all over the world. Since the service can change your default IP address (which is provided by your ISP), it allows you to bypass IP and location based restrictions with ease. Here are the accessibility features that come with the service:

1) Server locations - 12VPN has deployed its servers in 15 different countries. Through your subscription, you can get IP addresses from countries like United States, Germany, Australia, United Kingdom, Sweden, Canada, Switzerland, Singapore, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Liechtenstein, Japan, Spain, Israel and France. The company allows unlimited number of server switches so customers are free to connect to server from any country and change servers as many times as they wish.

2) Speed and Bandwidth - 12VPN does not indulge in speed throttling or traffic shaping. The service is ideal for speed and bandwidth demanding activities like VOIP, streaming of HD content, downloading and multiplayer online gaming. The company even uses a Smart Routing technology to deliver faster access to blocked websites regardless of the customers’ current location.

3) Bypass GEO-IP restrictions - With your 12VPN subscription, you are free to unblock location restricted services such as Amazon Prime, ABC Player, Netflix, USA Network, BBC iPlayer, ABC iView, Eurosport, Lovefilm, Hulu, The Comedy Network, Global TV, CMore, Vevo, Canal+, Zattoo, WimpMusic, TV Asahi, Voddler, CBS, 4OD, Sky Go, Demand 5, HBO Go, TV Tokyo, Viasat, Pandora, Das Erste, Film1, Pluzz, UK TV, Much Music, Xfinity, ProSieben, Spotify, Vox, iTV Player, WDR, DMAX, Bravo, Spacecast, ORF 1, RTVNH, MyTV, TVB, TMC, SVT, TV Japan, Deezer, Star TV, TSN, Canale 5, Wilmaa, ZDF, D17, Arte, RTL, W9, AT5, Sport1, NBC, CBC, Vudu, Rara, TV Lab, Fox, MLB, City TV, 3SAT, CTV, TNT, TVE, NHL, D8, Mio TV, CWTV, Sat.1, STV and MTV from any country in the world.

12VPN Setup and Compatibility Features

12VPN works with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPads, iPhones Blackberry, Symbian and routers (DD-WRT, Tomato, pfSense and Sabai). Unlike many other premium VPN service providers, the company does not provide its own VPN client. However, Windows and Mac customers can choose to install the service through Viscosity (a free Viscosity license is provided to all customers). The service can be used to secure multiple devices at the same time but you must connect to different servers while using one account from multiple devices.

12VPN Pricing and Customer Support Details

12VPN’s short term subscriptions plans are slightly expensive but the yearly plans are competitively priced. The service costs $38.85 for every 3 months, $59.94 for every 6 months and $60 for one year. The company even offers a limited speed and bandwidth plan (known as the 12VN 51 plan) for $35 per year that is perfect for light browsing work from foreign locations. The 51 plan allows 5 GB data transfer per month at unrestricted speeds and then throttles the speed to 1 MBPS for the remaining period of the month. Unfortunately the company does not offer free trials but it does have a 2 week refund policy in place that allows you to test the service with total peace of mind.

The company offers customer support only through email. Although the company has published a telephone number on its website, it can be used just to deliver messages and not to talk to the support staff.

Final Recommendation on 12VPN VPN

12VPN delivers a robust VPN solution that does an excellent job or providing security and privacy to its customers. While the service is not without its flaws (no monthly subscription, no live chat support, no custom client), the company ensures that the customers are able to experience the highest possible speeds and 100% privacy. We wholeheartedly recommend the service to customers who are looking for a dependable VPN solution that really works.

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