BolehVPN Recommendation – How BolehVPN Protects Your Privacy On The Web?

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It is no secret that online surveillance and monitoring has severely curtailed the level of privacy available on the web. To counteract increased surveillance, we have also witnessed the emergence of privacy solutions such as Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) that promise to provide 100% privacy and security. But should you rely on such privacy solutions to achieve total freedom on the internet? In this article, we will review one such solution, BolehVPN, and discuss the features that are available with the service.

Background - BolehVPN Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian company that offers VPN services, game server hosting, Mumble hosting (VOIP service) and Seedbox hosting services to customers. The company started developing its VPN solution when it faced increased speed throttling and censorship on the web. The VPN development was more of a private project rather than a commercial VPN solution but once the product was complete, the company decided to make the service available to the general public. The VPN service was launched in 2007 and since then it has gained a loyal customer base that is spread across the world.

BolehVPN Security Features

BolehVPN delivers its service via OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec protocols. The OpenVPN protocol is ideal for situations where more speed and security is needed whereas the L2TP protocol provides compatibility with all kinds of devices. The service secures online sessions with 128 bit AES encryption although there is an option available to get up to 256 bit protection.

1) Security - BolehVPN offers an excellent way to secure your private data from surveillance, monitoring and hacking threats. Since the service encrypts data and creates a secure tunnel around your web sessions, even governments and sophisticated hacking programs won’t be able to record your activities or steal your data. The service even provides security where there is none available; for instance, it is possible to use BolehVPN to protect data from theft and misuse while using the Wi-Fi facilities at malls, airports, coffee shops and restaurants. It is even possible to secure multiple applications with just one click to experience total security and privacy for all online activities.

BolehVPN does not keep logs of customers’ browsing activities. Since the company is based in Malaysia and there are no data retention laws in the country, the service offers a great privacy solution to those who are constantly worried about data logging and monitoring.

2) Censorship - The BolehVPN service also enables you to circumvent firewalls and censorship measures deployed by governments, ISPs, schools, universities and corporations. So if you wish to access your favorite social network or gaming site from school; unlock Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, YouTube and Blogger from China or use Skype from Middle Eastern countries then BolehVPN would be a good choice for you. The service even provides an enhanced security mode (known as xCloak) that allows you to bypass the deep packet inspection surveillance techniques used by certain governments (for example, China and Iran) and access sites banned within the country without facing any kind of trouble.

BolehVPN Accessibility Features

A lot of customers use VPN for unlocking premium streaming websites that are not available in their country. Since a VPN allows you to choose an IP address from a different country, you can easily bypass the IP based restrictions that are used by On-Demand service providers. Here are the accessibility options that come with BolehVPN subscription:

1) Server locations - BolehVPN has servers in 9 different countries of North America and Europe. The choice of server locations includes big VPN markets such as United States, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada and Luxembourg. While the number of server locations is definitely on a lower side, the company allows unlimited access and server switching options with every subscription.

2) Speed and Bandwidth - The service is tailor made for demanding activities like VOIP, gaming and streaming since there are no limits on speed or bandwidth. The company allows torrenting from certain servers and is even known to boost P2P speeds.

3) Bypass GEO-IP restrictions - By subscribing to BolehVPN, you would be able to unblock streaming services like Netflix, FOX, Pandora, NBC, Hulu, NHL, CBS, CWTV, HBO Go, TNT, MLB, Amazon Prime, USA Network, MTV, Demand 5, BBC iPlayer, 4OD, iTV, UK TV, Sky Go, Lovefilm, STV, Spacecast, CBC, Global TV, CTV, E!, RTL, Spotify, TV Lab, Rara, AT5, Zattoo, Deezer, ProSieben, Canal+, Sat.1, Vox, 3sat, Film1, Das Erste, RTVNH, Sport1, TMC, Pluzz, TF1, Eurosport, SVT, Voddler, CMore, WimpMusic, D8, Swiss TV, Wilmaa, Arte, RTS and Viva TV from all over the world.

BolehVPN Setup and Compatibility Features

BolehVPN works well with Windows, iOS, Mac, Android, Linux and DD-WRT routers. The company provides proprietary software for Windows and Mac OS X (10.6.8 onwards) but it is also possible to configure the service manually on iPads, iPhones, Android devices and Linux based computers. The company has published extremely detailed setup guides for all systems so setting up everything shouldn’t be a problem for anyone. The company permits multiple connections so it is possible to secure your computer and mobile device with one subscription.

The BolehVPN client uses OpenVPN protocol and makes it easy to run the service at system startup, connect/disconnect with a single click, check server status and ping servers, auto-update VPN configuration, prevent DNS leaks and even reconnect automatically in case of disruptions. However, the client lacks the ability to bind applications so your IP address could be exposed when the connection goes down.

BolehVPN also provides several connection options that are totally unique to the provider. For instance, the Proxied connection option is very similar to a proxy, the Surfing/Streaming option is best suited for streaming videos, the xCloak mode provides higher level of encryption for more security whereas the Fully Routed connection option is the full-blown VPN mode that provides security for all applications and supports P2P activities.

BolehVPN Pricing and Customer Support Details

BolehVPN plans are available from $10/30 days, $17/60 days, $46/180 days and $85/365 days. The company doesn’t require your real name and it even accepts Bitcoins as payments so it is possible to subscribe anonymously. The company does not offer free trials or refunds but you can request for a one day free trial or test the service for 7 days by paying $3.7. However, the company will refund your money if you are unable to use the service due to technical problems.

BolehVPN provides excellent customer support through live chat, email, forum as well as Twitter and Facebook support channels. If you are unable to follow the setup instructions or face recurring connection issues then the support team can even provide remote assistance through Teamviewer.

Final Recommendation on BolehVPN Service

BolehVPN truly excels on most parameters. While the company doesn’t have a large network of VPN servers, it provides excellent speeds and 100% privacy to its customers. We recommend the service to all web users who are looking for a fast and reliable solution to secure their online activities.

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