GoTrusted Recommendation – How GoTrusted Protects Your Anonymity On The Web?

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The internet is the best communication tool available in the world today but it comes with its own set of security challenges. Not only there are hackers and criminals waiting to steal your data, you also need to deal with the surveillance and monitoring done by ISPs and big corporations. One of the best ways to experience 100% online freedom is to use a VPN while browsing the internet. In this article, we will review the GoTrusted VPN solution and explain how it protects you on the web.

Background - GoTrusted is a private company with headquarters in Florida, USA. The company is a leading security provider that offers private browsing, identity protection and internet security solutions to customers. The company has developed a patented VPN security technology (SURE – Secure User Routable Encryption) that ensures best connection speeds without compromising on security. The company has been offering privacy solutions to individuals and business users since the year 2005.

GoTrusted Security Features

GoTrusted VPN service is available with upto 256 bit encryption and is delivered via L2TP/IPSec, PPTP and OpenVPN protocols. The OpenVPN protocol ensures best connection speeds and higher level of security for computers while the PPTP and L2TP protocols offer an acceptable level of security for mobile devices. Here are some more details about what kind of security features are available through the service:

1) Security - GoTrusted protects your browsing, emailing, VOIP and messaging activities from all types of surveillance, monitoring, hacking, snooping and eavesdropping threats. The service even secures your social networking, banking and shopping activities so that you don’t become a victim of data, monetary or identity theft. In addition, the tunneling and encryption features ensure that your data remains safe from prying eyes while connecting to public Wi-Fi hotspots at malls, airports, coffee shops, hotels and libraries.

GoTrusted does not capture traffic logs or personally identifiable details (such as IP addresses). The company just logs certain connection details such as time of connection and bandwidth used but it doesn’t sell or trade user information with third parties. The company will reveal customer details only if it is served with a valid judicial order.

2) Censorship - Using GoTrusted is an excellent way to circumvent all types of censorship measures. The service not only allows you to access popular sites (Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Blogger, YouTube and Skype) from restrictive locations like China, Middle East and Latin America but also provides a way to bypass institution (school, university and workplace) level firewalls.

GoTrusted Accessibility Features

While online privacy remains the most important reason for using a VPN service, more and more people are now using it to unlock premium content that is not available in their countries. This becomes possible because VPNs allow you to virtually reside in a different country simply by choosing an IP address from that location. Here are the accessibility benefits of using the GoTrusted service:

1) Server locations - GoTrusted has VPN gateways in United States, Hong Kong, Japan, United Kingdom, Ireland, France and Singapore. Due to the unlimited server switching option made available by the company, customers are free to connect to servers from all countries and change them as per their needs.

2) Speed and Bandwidth - The service does not throttle speeds or limit bandwidth availability in any way so it is perfect for streaming On-Demand TV shows and movies, watching live sporting events, downloading big files, VOIP and online multiplayer gaming.

3) Bypass GEO-IP restrictions - GoTrusted allows you to unblock IP restricted services like Hulu, BBC iPlayer, FOX, ABC, Pandora, Demand 5, STV, Sky Go, Canal+, RTE Player, Netflix, NBC, D17, TV Tokyo, TVB, Lovefilm, USA Network, HBO Go, iTV, Direct 8, Xfinity, TV Japan, NHL, UK TV, W9, Pluzz, MyTV, MLB, CWTV, 4OD, Mio TV, Vudu, MTV, CBS, TV Asahi, TMC, TNT and Amazon Prime regardless of your current location.

GoTrusted Setup and Compatibility Features

GoTrusted works on Windows, Mac, Android, iPads and iPhones. The company offers its custom client for Mac and Windows but Android and iOS users would need to set up the service manually. The company offers excellent setup instructions for all devices plus it also provides OpenVPN configuration files for Android.

GoTrusted VPN client allows you to connect/disconnect to the service and switch servers with just 1 click. The tool even includes a Compatibility mode that offers optimum speeds under all circumstances. However, the software doesn’t include advanced features like the ability to change protocols (even though the client supports all protocols) or shut down vulnerable applications when the connection goes down.

GoTrusted Pricing and Customer Support Details

GoTrusted offers unlimited speed and bandwidth VPN service for $5.99 per month. Subscribers looking forward to save some money would be disappointed to learn that the company doesn’t offer term plans. The company allows you test the service for a full 7 days but you need to provide your billing details while signing up for the free account.

The company provides customer support via live chat (only during business hours), emails and tickets. In addition, the company has published solutions to common VPN problems on its portal which could prove useful to some customers.

Final Recommendation on GoTrusted VPN

GoTrusted mostly delivers on its promises. The service provides a high speed VPN service that takes your privacy seriously. We recommend the service to all web users want to experience an open and borderless internet.

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