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Due to the increased surveillance, censorship and restrictions on the web, privacy solutions such as VPNs have become the need of the hour. A VPN protects the online presence of its subscribers by providing them with a new virtual identity (IP address) and creating an impregnable tunnel of security around their online activities. In this article, we will review HideMyAss (HMA) Pro VPN service which is one the most popular VPN solutions available on the web.

Background - HideMyAss VPN was launched in 2005 by Privax Limited which is a United Kingdom based company. Apart from its incredibly popular Pro VPN service, the company also offers other security solutions like web proxies, anonymous emailing and secure file uploads. The company is well known for its free anonymity solutions like proxy servers and proxy lists.

HideMyAss Security Features

HideMyAss offers PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN based VPN solution to its subscribers. The inclusion of 3 different protocols ensures maximum security and device compatibility. The PPTP based VPN solution ensures compatibility with traditional computers as well as modern Smartphones and tablets while the OpenVPN solution offers high level of encryption (128 bit with 1024 bit RSA keys) for protecting banking and shopping activities. Here are the most important security benefits of using the HMA service:

1) Security - HMA VPN protects your online activities from surveillance, monitoring and security threats. Since it creates a layer of security around your online activities, your IP address and vital data remains hidden from hackers, network administrators, ISPs and governments. This feature is also vital for shielding your online presence at public places since Wi-Fi hotspots at malls, coffee shops and restaurants are notorious for their weak security. And unlike proxies which just hide browsing activities, the service automatically shields all online activities and applications from prying eyes.

HMA logs and stores IP address, bandwidth usage and timestamp for a month but it does not spy on customers’ online activities. The company does not sell or rent subscriber data to third parties but it will co-operate with law enforcement agencies if a customer is found to be involved in unlawful activities.

2) Censorship - It is a well known fact that certain countries like China, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Brazil impose a very strict level of censorship upon their citizens. In case you happen to visit such a location then you would not be able to access sites like Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Skype or YouTube from over there. The HMA solution makes it easy to bypass all types of firewalls and censorship, whether institutional or ISP based, without revealing your personal details.

HideMyAss Accessibility Features

Although security and anonymity remains the prime focus of any privacy solution, a VPN offers several other benefits to its customers. For instance, by providing you with an IP address from a location of your choice, HMA allows you to “virtually reside” at that location and access content that is available only to residents of that country. Here are the most important accessibility features of HMA’s VPN service:

1) Server locations - HMA offers more than 68,500 IP address through its network of 560+ servers that are located in 62 countries. The company’s servers are located in popular VPN markets as well as many offshore locations. Here is the full list of countries where the company has at least one VPN server:

United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Austria, Belgium, Greece, Moldova, Estonia, Australia, Portugal, Netherlands, Sweden, Slovakia, Philippines, Jordan, Ukraine, Lithuania, Mexico, South Africa, Costa Rica, Argentina, Hungary, Ireland, Germany, Norway, Turkey, Finland, Singapore, Israel, Japan, Switzerland, Indonesia, Latvia, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Cyprus, Luxembourg, South Korea, Panama, India, Iceland, Taiwan, Uruguay, Thailand, Malaysia, Denmark, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Egypt, Morocco, Poland, Vietnam, Russia, Hong Kong and Croatia.

2) Speed and Bandwidth - HideMyAss does not throttle speed plus it provides unrestricted bandwidth to all its customers. The service is tailor made for streaming and downloading activities and even allows gamers to reduce ping times for multiplayer gaming.

3) Bypass GEO-IP restrictions - With a presence in so many countries, the customers of HideMyAss are truly spoiled for choice. Since the company allows unlimited server switching with every VPN subscription, you can unblock GEO-IP restricted services such as Hulu, FOX, Netflix, Pandora, NBC, HBO Go, CBS, USA Network, NHL, Amazon Prime, MTV, MLB, CWTV, TNT, BBC iPlayer, 4OD, Sky Go, STV, Demand 5, UK TV, iTV, CBC, Spacecast, Global TV, E!, CTV, Rara, Spotify, RTL, AT5, Zattoo, TV Lab, Canal+, Deezer, Sat.1, Vox, ProSieben, Das Erste, TF1, Arte, Eurosport, RTS, Wilmaa and Direct 8 from virtually any country in the world.

HideMyAss Setup and Compatibility Features

A good VPN is known by how easy or difficult it is to configure and use. HMA truly shines in this area since it has created a truly amazing VPN software for its customers. The software is currently available for Windows, Mac, iPhones and iPads but customers using Linux or Android must set up the service manually.

HMA’s Pro VPN software offers many useful features like the ability to locate fast servers near your location, change servers and protocols at any time, bind applications with the software to prevent leaking of IP address and even schedule IP changes after fixed time intervals. The company provides dynamic IP addresses to its customers which means you will get a new IP address every time you start using the service.

HideMyAss Pricing and Customer Support Details

HideMyAss offers its VPN service at $11.52 per month, $49.99 for 6 months or $78.66 for a year. While the company does not offer a free trial in the traditional sense, you can try the service for free for a period of one month by subscribing to the monthly plan and claiming a refund in case you are not happy with the service.

HMA provides support through email and live chat. While emails received during business hours usually receive a reply within one hour, the company tries to respond to most queries within 12 hours. The live chat feature is available only for VPN subscribers during business hours. The company also provides a wiki site and forum to assist customers with their troubleshooting process.

Final Recommendation on HideMyAss VPN

HideMyAss VPN service excels on most parameters and that could be the reason for its tremendous popularity. While we were disappointed with the fact that the company logs and stores IP addresses for a month, the speed and performance of the service deserve wholesome praise. We wholeheartedly recommend the service to anyone who wishes to protect his privacy on the internet and experience the internet without any borders. For more information, please visit: www.hidemyass.com.

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