Invisible Browsing VPN Recommendation – How ibVPN Protects Your Anonymity On The Web?

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The internet is an incredible communication tool but it has also enabled the governments and corporations to spy on us without our knowledge. Nowadays the internet privacy situation has become so bad that you need to subscribe to privacy tool like a VPN or proxy in order to shield your activities from being monitored. In this informative article, we will review one such privacy service, Invisible Browsing VPN (ibVPN), and explain the features that are available with an ibVPN subscription.

Background - ibVPN is managed by a core team of 10 people from Romania who have been together since the year 2003. Before launching its own VPN service in 2010, the team provided IT solutions to customers. After providing proxy services to its customers for several years, the company developed its own in-house VPN solution and launched it as ibVPN.

ibVPN Security Features

ibVPN delivers its VPN solution through PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP and OpenVPN protocols. The inclusion of several types of protocols ensures that you would be able to use the service on a device of your choice and still get high level of privacy. The PPTP and L2TP protocols are best suited for mobile devices whereas the OpenVPN protocol offers a significantly higher level of security for computers. The SSTP protocol is available only for Windows operating system and it allows you to route your PPTP or L2TP traffic through secure ports. The service provides 256 bit encryption through OpenVPN and L2TP protocols and 128 bit encryption through the PPTP protocol.

1) Security - ibVPN is designed to shield your online activities from all kinds of surveillance, monitoring and security threats. The service creates a secure tunnel around your online activities so your vital data remains hidden from ISPs, corporates and cyber criminals. The VPN solution even protects your IP address, passwords, credit card number and social accounts from hackers while you are connected to a Wi-Fi network at a public place (mall, airport, coffee shop or library). ibVPN also secures all kinds of online activities (browsing, messaging, emailing, FTP, torrenting and VOIP) with just one click so you remain totally protected online.

ibVPN logs certain details like date, time and location of connection; bandwidth consumed and connection duration for a period of one week. The company does not sell or share customer data and the details logged are solely used for enforcing the company’s terms of service.

2) Censorship - Apart from shielding your web sessions from surveillance, the ibVPN solution also allows you to bypass all kinds of censorship. So if you wish to bypass the local censorship laws at China, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar or Brazil and access Facebook, YouTube, Gmail, Skype, Twitter and Blogger from these countries without facing any kind of restriction, ibVPN would be an ideal choice for you. The service even helps you to evade the firewalls at your office, school and university and access your favorite sites without facing any repercussions.

ibVPN Accessibility Features

A VPN can also be used to hide your location from content providers and access content that is normally not available in your country. This becomes possible since VPN providers assign a new IP address to subscribers and allows them to virtually reside at a different location. Here are some important accessibility options that are available with ibVPN:

1) Server locations - ibVPN offers more than 1900 dynamic IP addresses through its network of 60+ servers located in 22 countries. Here is the list of countries where the company has at least one VPN server:

United States, Canada, Netherlands, Switzerland, Finland, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Sweden, Italy, Singapore, Panama, Luxembourg, Russia, Ireland, Australia, Hong Kong, Spain, New Zealand, Romania, Egypt and Turkey.

The company permits unlimited server switching for server locations covered in your VPN plan.

2) Speed and Bandwidth - The company does not throttle speed or restrict the bandwidth availability to its customers. The service is highly suitable for online activities that require a lot of speed and bandwidth (streaming, gaming, torrenting, downloading to name a few).

3) Bypass GEO-IP restrictions - The ibVPN solution allows its customers to access premium streaming services like Pandora, HBO Go, FOX, CWTV, Netflix, MLB, NBC, NHL, Hulu, CBS, Amazon Prime, USA Network, MTV, TNT, Sky Go, iTV Player, BBC iPlayer, UK TV, Demand 5, 4OD, Global TV, STV, CBC, E!, Spacecast, CTV, Spotify, RTL, Zattoo, AT5, Deezer, Rara, Sat.1, Canal+, TV Lab, Arte, Vox, ProSieben, TF1, Das Erste, Eurosport, MyTV, Wilmaa, Direct 8, TVB, RTS, TVB, MyTV,and Mio TV from any location in the world.

ibVPN Setup and Compatibility Features

ibVPN provides an easy to install and use software for devices running on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. However, if you wish to configure the service on Linux or DD-WRT routers then you must configure the service manually. The company sells pre-configured Sabai routers which makes it easy to use the service on a variety of compatible devices (XBox, PS3, Smart TVs, Apple TV etc.).

ibVPN’s software makes it simple to login/disconnect, check how busy the server is, switch protocols and servers as well as automatically reconnect in the event the connection drops. The tool includes a DNS service (iDNS) which makes it easy to unblock streaming services at near ISP speeds. However, there is no application binding facility or automatic application shutdown feature available so your IP address would be exposed when the connection goes down.

ibVPN Pricing and Customer Support Details

ibVPN offers several types of subscription plans for the benefit of its customers. The company’s Ultimate VPN plan which provides access to all servers and allows torrenting and 2 simultaneous connections is available for $10.95/month ($24.95/3 months, $42.95/6 months and $82.95/12 months). On the other hand, The Total VPN plan which provides access to limited number of servers from all 22 countries and does not allow multiple connections is available for $7.95/month ($19.95/3 months, $36.95/6 months and $69.95/12 months). If you need access just to servers from a particular region then you can subscribe to regional VPN plans (access to EU / UK + Ireland / US + Canada servers) which are available from $4.95/month ($10.95/3 months, $19.95/6 months and $36.95/year). The Torrenting plan and iDNS service cost the same as the region specific plans plus the company even offers Family and Small Business plans for those who need multiple simultaneous connections.

The company provides a 6 hour trial to all new customers which makes it easy to test the capabilities of the service. Even after subscribing, your investment is backed by an unconditional 15 day money back guarantee.

ibVPN provides customer support through email, ticketing system and live chat. For those who cannot setup the service on their computers or mobile devices, the company even offers remote help through Teamviewer. It also makes sense to browse through Knowledgeable and FAQ sections on the company’s site since the company has published a wealth of information there.

Final Recommendation on ibVPN

ibVPN provides a dependable and cost-effective VPN service to its customers that scores well on most parameters. We highly recommend the service to privacy conscious web users who are looking for an affordable anonymity solution for their browsing needs.

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