IPVanish Recommendation – How Does IPVanish Protect Your Anonymity On The Web?

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Due to the monitoring and surveillance techniques used by many governments and corporations, privacy on the internet has become a thing of the past. Apart from surveillance, many web users have to deal with browsing restrictions and censorship which severely limit their reach on the web. All these restrictions may very well be responsible for the surge in popularity of privacy solutions like Virtual Private Networks. This article will focus on one such privacy solution provider, IPVanish VPN, and explain how it allows you to experience total freedom on the internet.

Background - When compared with other Tier 1 VPN providers, IPVanish VPN could be considered as a fairly new service. However, the company behind the IPVanish VPN solution has significant experience in delivering content/IP based solutions and managing complex networks. After providing content and network solutions to its clients for over 15 years, the Florida based company launched its very own VPN service in the year 2012.

IPVanish Security Features

IPVanish delivers its service through PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN protocols. As you might be already aware, OpenVPN is one of the most secure VPN protocols currently available but it is not yet compatible with mobile devices. The PPTP and L2TP protocols, on the other hand, provide a lower level of encryption but they deliver compatibility with almost all kinds of devices. The IPVanish VPN solution comes with 256 encryption for OpenVPN protocol and 128 bit encryption for PPTP and L2TP protocols. Here are some more advantages of using the IPVanish service:

1) Security - IPVanish subscribers can look forward to 100% privacy and anonymity on the web. Due to the fact that the company provides you with a totally new IP address and shields your online presence with a secure tunnel, you can easily bypass the surveillance and monitoring techniques deployed by ISPs and network administrators. In addition, the Wi-Fi hotspot security feature available with the service makes it easy to connect to unsecured wireless networks at shopping malls, airports, coffee shops and restaurants without having to worry about losing your passwords, social accounts or financial data to hackers or criminals who might be using the same network. The service even protects different kinds of online activities automatically which means you don’t have to worry about securing your browsing, messaging, emailing, FTP or VOIP sessions separately.

IPVanish logs IP address, timestamp, number of bytes transferred and duration of connection details for all VPN sessions. The company recycles the logs at regular intervals and promises not to share your personal details with anyone. However, if the service is used for any illegal activity and the company is served with a court notice then it would share offender’s details with the law enforcement agencies.

2) Censorship - The IPVanish service is not only meant to secure online activities, it also offers a way to bypass the strict censorship measures imposed by governments, ISPs, corporations, schools and universities. So if you are frustrated with the unavailability of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Gmail, Blogger and Skype at your office or countries such as China, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Qatar, Thailand or Brazil, IPVanish VPN would definitely prove useful to you.

IPVanish Accessibility Features

Although VPNs were created for the purpose of security, they can also be used to unblock IP and location based restrictions. This becomes possible since VPNs like IPVanish provide you with an alternative IP address (from a country of your choice) making it easy to access services that are not available at your location. Here are some of the most important accessibility features available with the IPVanish service:

1) Server locations - IPVanish offers 7,000+ IP addresses to its customers through its network of 110+ servers located in 47 different countries. Here is the full list of locations where the company has one or more VPN servers:

United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Denmark, Thailand, Switzerland, Spain, Lithuania, Norway, Portugal, Finland, Australia, Brazil, Luxembourg, Mexico, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Hungary, Germany, France, Iceland, Ireland, Sweden, South Africa, Egypt, Czech Republic, Belgium, Argentina, Estonia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Moldova, New Zealand, Poland, Slovak Republic, Romania, Panama, Latvia, Austria, Italy and Turkey.

2) Speed and Bandwidth - IPVanish is a great solution for those who are looking for an unlimited speed and bandwidth VPN service. The company does not throttle speed or shape traffic which means the service can be used for streaming HD content, multiplayer gaming and VOIP sessions without experiencing speed or bandwidth related issues.

3) Bypass GEO-IP restrictions - Once you subscribe to IPVanish service and change your IP address, you would be able to unblock premium On-Demand services like HBO Go, Amazon Prime, Rara, Xfinity, Hulu, Zattoo, RTL, Eurosport, CTV, BBC iPlayer, Pandora, Wilmaa, ProSieben, Spotify, Global TV, Vudu, Netflix, USA Network, Demand 5, Lovefilm, TV Lab, Arte, NBC, 4OD, CBC, MLB, Deezer, AT5, Canal+, MyTV, RTS, Das Erste, Fox, ABC, iTV, CWTV, NHL, E!, Mio TV, CBS, Direct 8, TVB, Vox, TF1 and Sat.1 from any location in the world. Additionally, due to the unlimited server switching facility available with every IPVanish subscription, you can access local content from all the 47 countries without paying anything extra.

IPVanish Setup and Compatibility Features

Even a feature rich VPN would not be of any use to its customers if it is difficult to set up or use. Fortunately, you won’t face such a problem with IPVanish since it offers its own VPN client. The client is currently available for Windows, Mac, Android, iPhones and iPads. However, in case you wish to use the service on a Linux based computer, you would need to configure the service manually. The company has published detailed setup guides for all operating systems so configuring the service should not take more than 5 minutes. The company also sells pre-configured routers so it becomes easy to use the service on XBox, PS3, Apple TV and Smart TVs.

The IPVanish VPN client makes it possible to automatically start the service at system startup, check server load and switch servers with one click. However, the client still does not support automatic reconnections or the facility to bind applications with it so your real IP address would be exposed should the connection drop for any reason.

IPVanish Pricing and Customer Support Details

The IPVanish solution is available for $10 a month, $26.99 for a quarter and $77.99 for one year. Unfortunately, the company does not offer free trials to new customers but if you are not happy with the service, simply ask for a refund within 7 days of signing up and the company will refund your entire subscription fee.

IPVanish provides customer support through email, live chat and its dedicated forum. Unfortunately, the live chat facility is available only from 9AM-5PM EST during weekdays which means you must contact the support staff through email if you need support at other hours. In addition, you may check the FAQ and Setup guide section to troubleshoot technical problems.

Final Recommendation on IPVanish VPN

On the whole, IPVanish provides a reliable privacy solution to its customers. While the company does not provide an advanced VPN client and logs customers’ IP address, it provides great browsing speeds and higher level of encryption to its subscribers. We recommend the service to all web users who wish to protect their privacy and freedom on the web. For more information, please visit: www.ipvanish.com.

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