Private Internet Access VPN Recommendation – How Does The Service Secure Your Privacy On The Web?

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Online privacy is under threat like never before thanks to the snooping and data retention techniques used by the governments. Things have turned so bad in the last few years that even personal emails and messages are no longer safe from the eyes of the authorities. This could explain why privacy conscious users have started using solutions like Virtual Private Networks to protect their data and privacy on the web. In this exhaustive review, we will look at the features offered by the Private Internet Access VPN solution.

Background - Private Internet Access was launched in the year 2010 by a US based company. Although the service is quite new when compared to other established VPN service providers, it has become extremely popular during the last 4 years. The service is now used by more than 100,000 privacy conscious users who want total privacy on the internet. Apart from its VPN service, Private Internet Access also offers proxy solutions to the customers.

Private Internet Access Security Features

Private Internet Access uses popular VPN protocols such as OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPSec to deliver its VPN service. While the OpenVPN protocol is preferred by those who want the highest level of security, the PPTP and L2TP protocols can be used on a wide variety of computing and mobile devices. The service supports high level of encryption (up to 256 bit Blowfish encryption with 4096 bit RSA keys) and even allows you to make a choice between speed and encryption for fast and secure VPN experience. Here are some additional security benefits of using the service:

1) Security - Private Internet Access is tailor made for those who are fed up of government and ISP surveillance, snooping and monitoring. The service protects you from all such threats and even shields your banking and social networking details from hackers when you are connected to a public wireless network. The service even offers a server level firewall protection that protects you from phishing attacks and identity theft as well as protection from IPv6 and DNS leaks.

The company does not monitor online activities of its customers nor does it keep logs for VPN traffic. In fact, the company is one of the very few VPN providers that allows you to open a totally anonymous VPN account. While the company respects the privacy of its customers, it will co-operate with law enforcement when served with a court order.

2) Censorship - Private Internet Access not only allows you to shield your online activities from the higher authorities, it also assists you in bypassing firewalls and censorship that is prevalent in many countries and organizations. As you as you connect to the service, you would be able to access Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and YouTube from China (or your school/office) and even access and use Skype from Brazil and Middle Eastern countries.

Private Internet Access Accessibility Features

VPNs can not only help you to secure your online privacy, they can even help you to unblock GEO-IP restricted sites that are not available in your country or geographical region. Since a VPN assigns you a totally new IP address from the location of your choice, you can access local content from that country without facing any restrictions. Here are the most important accessibility options that come with Private Internet Access VPN subscription:

1) Server Locations - Although Private Internet Access has VPN gateways in just 10 countries, the company has deployed more than 970 servers as a part of its server network. The choice of server locations include important VPN markets such as United States, Switzerland, Netherlands, France, United Kingdom, Canada, Sweden, Germany, Romania and Hong Kong. The company allows legal P2P traffic from within its network and even permits unlimited server switching.

2) Speed and Bandwidth - Private Internet Access does not throttle speed or shape traffic in any way. Due to the presence of large number of servers and Multi-Gigabit ports, the company is able to deliver unlimited speeds and unmetered bandwidth to all customers. The service is perfect for those customers who want to stream HD videos, play resource intensive online games, download GB sized files and conduct long VOIP sessions.

3) Bypass GEO-IP Restrictions - The service allows you to circumvent location/IP blocks and access your favorite streaming services like Spotify, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Rara, Pandora, Zattoo, Deezer, Voddler, Wilmaa, 4OD, FOX, Demand 5, Eurosport, CMore, Amazon Prime, CWTV, Hulu, Sky Go, Lovefilm, HBO Go, USA Network, CBS, MTV, NBC, Xfinity, Vudu, Canal+, UK TV, Viasat, WimpMusic, Spacecast, Global TV, ORF 1, Canale 5, MyTV, ProSieben, Bravo, Sat.1, NHL, DMAX, WDR, Das Erste, iTV Player, City TV, CTV, TSN, RTL, CBC, TVE, Sport1, W9, Vox, Pluzz, D8, Arte, TVB, Film1, TV Lab, RTVNH, 3SAT, STV, TNT, MLB, TMC, AT5, D17, SVT and ZDF regardless of your current location.

Private Internet Access Setup and Compatibility Features

Private Internet Access VPN works great with Windows (XP onwards), Mac (OS X 10.4+), iPads, Android Smartphones/tablets, iPhones, Linux as well as common routers (DD-WRT, PfSense, Tomato). The company provides its very own VPN software for Windows, Mac and Android but it is also possible to set up the service manually by referring to the detailed instructions available on the company’s official portal. For customers who want to secure multiple devices with a single VPN subscription, the company allows up to 5 simultaneous connections on one VPN account. The company even permits port forwarding from few servers (Romania, Netherlands, Switzerland, Canada).

The company’s OpenVPN based VPN software is a useful application that allows you to connect/disconnect faster, switch servers with one click, choose a different protocol (TCP/UDP) or port and even shut down the entire internet traffic if the VPN connection gets disrupted. The “Internet Kill Switch” feature guarantees privacy at all times and protects your IP address and other details from ISPs and network administrators.

Private Internet Access Pricing and Customer Support Details

Private Internet Access VPN plans are available from $6.95/month ($35.95/6 months and $39.95/year). Since the company permits creation of anonymous accounts, you can make a payment via bitcoins or popular gift cards. The company does not offer free trials to customers but it does have an unconditional 7 day money back policy in place.

The company offers customer support via live chat, email and support tickets. Since the live chat is available only during business hours, you can use support tickets or browse through FAQ, Knowledgebase and Support forum to get resolution to your VPN queries.

Final Recommendation on Private Internet Access VPN

Private Internet Access is a robust VPN solution. The company delivers a high speed VPN service plus it guards customers’ privacy with strong encryption and customer friendly privacy policy. We recommend the service to all users who are looking for an affordable and dependable VPN service.

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