proXPN Recommendation – How proXPN Secures Your Privacy On The Web?

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Your privacy and anonymity on the internet is under threat like never before! Governments around the world have stepped up surveillance and monitoring measures which means whatever you do online gets recorded by your ISP. The increased surveillance could be the reason why even average web users have started using privacy solutions like VPNs to protect their privacy on the web. In this article, we will check review proXPN VPN service and evaluate its features.

Background - proXPN VPN service is a privacy solution from proXPN, B.V. which is an IJmuiden, Netherlands based company. Although the VPN service was launched quite recently (2009), the company has good experience in providing web hosting and internet based solutions to customers. proXPN is well-known for its free VPN service that allows even budget conscious people to enjoy the security and privacy offered by a VPN.

proXPN Security Features

proXPN offers PPTP and OpenVPN based privacy solution to customers. Although the lack of L2TP protocol is definitely disappointing, the company offers a very high level of security (512bit encryption with 2048 bit encryption key) to OpenVPN customers. The high level of encryption available is a huge plus point for those who are looking for a secure solution to protect their financial transactions and social accounts on the web. Here are some security benefits of using the proXPN service:

1) Security - proXPN protects your online activities from all possible kinds of firewalls, surveillance and monitoring. Due to the fact that the VPN solution creates an impregnable layer of security around your web sessions; even your ISP or network administrator would not be able to spy on your online activities. The service even protects your Wi-Fi sessions at public places (such as malls, airports, public parks and coffee shops) so your IP address, passwords, banking details and social accounts remain out of reach of criminals and hackers. Plus, unlike proxies, proXPN automatically secures all types of online activities (FTP, browsing, emailing, messaging and VOIP) with just one click.

It must be mentioned here that certain features mentioned above are available only to paid (Premium) subscribers of proXPN. For instance, the Premium subscribers can access the service on their Smartphones and tablets through the PPTP protocol while the free (basic) subscribers are restricted to using the service on computers through the OpenVPN protocol. Although it might sound strange that proXPN is offering higher level of encryption to its free subscribers (512 bit OpenVPN vs 128 bit PPTP), it is also preventing them from using the service on their mobile devices or at public places. What’s more, the free subscribers can only secure their browsing sessions while the premium subscribers are free to secure all applications that connect to the internet.

proXPN logs the IP addresses assigned to the customers for 2 weeks. While the company does not sell subscriber information or spy on customers’ activities, it would not allow the subscribers to use the service for any illegal activity.

2) Censorship - VPNs like proXPN can also be used to bypass local censorship and firewalls at overseas locations. As you might be aware, many popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Gmail are not accessible in China while VOIP services like Skype are banned in many Middle Eastern and Latin American countries. If you wish to browse the web without any restrictions from any location then proXPN would indeed be a good choice.

proXPN Accessibility Features

Apart from security, many people also check the accessibility options that are available with a VPN service. This is because many people wish to access premium streaming services that are not available in their country. By changing IP address through a VPN, it becomes easy to bypass the GEO-IP filters and access premium services from anywhere. Here are the accessibility options available through proXPN VPN service:

1) Server locations - proXPN can provide you with an IP address from 4 different countries. The company’s servers are located in United States, United Kingdom, Singapore and Netherlands. The company has deployed a large number of servers in United States since many people are interested in unlocking US based services. In America, the company has servers at New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Dallas and Seattle.

2) Speed and Bandwidth - proXPN provides unlimited speed and bandwidth to its Premium customers through its servers that are connected to 1000 MBPS nodes. While there is no restriction on the bandwidth availability to free subscribers, the maximum speed available to them is restricted to 300 KBPS. The premium members can also switch servers at any time but the free subscribers can only access a US based server.

3) Bypass GEO-IP restrictions - With your proXPN subscription, you can unlock premium On-Demand services like NHL, Vudu, Eurosport, CWTV, 4OD, Hulu, TV Lab, Deezer, MTV, ABC, BBC iPlayer, Lovefilm, RTL, NBC, Xfinity, MLB, HBO Go, USA Network, Amazon Prime, Spotify, Netflix, Pandora, Demand 5, Fox, Rara, Mio TV, Film1, CBS, Sport1 and iTV from any country in the world. As mentioned earlier, the free subscribers would be able to unblock only US based content since they are not allowed to switch servers.

proXPN Setup and Compatibility Features

proXPN works flawlessly with Windows (8/7/Vista/XP SP3), Mac OS X 10.6+, Android 4.0+, iPhones and iPads. The company provides an excellent VPN client for Windows and Mac that makes it easy to log into the service, switch servers and change protocols. The Premium subscribers can also bind applications that connect to the internet with the software so that the applications shut down automatically in case of connection disruptions. Mobile users (Android and iOS) can setup the service manually or download the company’s app through the respective App Store.

proXPN Pricing and Customer Support Details

proXPN offers a free VPN with basic functionality to everyone. Customers who need access to faster speeds and advanced features have the option of subscribing to the company’s Premium service. The premium service is available for $9.95 per month ($29.95 for 3 months, $49.95 for 6 months ($8.33 per month) and $74.95 for 12 months ($6.25 per month)). The premium customers are covered with a 7 day money back guarantee so it is possible to get refunds even after paying for the service.

proXPN provides customer support through email, Twitter and a dedicated ticketing system. It is also possible to contact the company via Phone since the company has provided a telephone number on its website.

Final Recommendation on proXPN VPN

proXPN provides a good VPN service to its subscribers. While the company has servers at very few locations, it offers unmatched level of security to customers (even to free subscribers). So if you want a robust VPN service to secure your online presence, you can certainly check proXPN VPN service.

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