SwitchVPN Recommendation – How SwitchVPN Protects Your Privacy On The Internet?

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In the name of national security, a lot of countries are now using sophisticated surveillance and monitoring techniques to spy on their own citizens. And the monitoring is not just restricted to phone calls or text messages; it covers a broad spectrum of online activities. If you wish to escape the snooping activities carried out by the government on the internet, you need to start using a privacy solution to protect your online sessions. Today we are going to review one such solution, SwitchVPN, and show you how it provides security and anonymity on the web.

Background - When compared to other established VPN providers, SwitchVPN is a quite new VPN service. The service was launched in the year 2010 by an Indian company. The company started on a small scale but since then it has developed its own VPN software and expanded into several big VPN markets.

SwitchVPN Security Features

SwitchVPN delivers its VPN service via PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN and SSTP protocols. The OpenVPN protocol is currently considered as the most secure VPN protocol but PPTP and L2TP protocols offer better compatibility with Smartphones, tablets and routers. In addition, the SSTP protocol provides security for Windows devices where the PPTP and L2TP protocols are blocked and OpenVPN cannot be used.

The service encrypts data with a 1024-2048 bit encryption mechanism so your financial transactions and social networking sessions out of reach of hackers. Here are some additional security benefits of using the service:

1) Security - SwitchVPN hides your real IP address so your online activities cannot be monitored by governments, ISPs or network administrators. Due to the high level of encryption available through the service, you remain protected from hacking and sniffing attacks even if you are connected to an unsecured wireless network at a public place (coffee shop, library, airport, mall etc.). The service uses both tunneling and encryption to protect you data and privacy at all times.

SwitchVPN’s logging policy is extremely simple; the company does not record any personally identifiable information, it just logs connection details (date, time, location; bandwidth and connection time). The logs are deleted after regular intervals and they are never made available to third parties. The company does not monitor the browsing activities of its users’ under any circumstances.

2) Censorship - In addition to defending your privacy at all times, SwitchVPN allows you to bypass censorship imposed by corporations, schools, universities and governments. By connecting to a SwitchVPN server, you can unblock Facebook, Gmail and Twitter from China; use VOIP solutions like Skype from Middle East and even access social networking and video sites from your school or office.

SwitchVPN Accessibility Features

SwitchVPN can also unveil a whole new world of entertainment for you. Since the service can assign you a new IP address from the location of your choice, you can unblock location restricted services that are not available within your country. Here are the accessibility features that come with a SwitchVPN subscription:

1) Server locations - SwitchVPN has VPN servers in 20 different countries. The choice of server locations include popular VPN markets like United States, Russia, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Canada, France, Singapore, Netherlands, Malaysia, Germany, Spain, Hong Kong, Sweden, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, Japan, Czech Republic, Latvia and Romania.

For those who wish to access local content from multiple countries, the company permits unlimited server switching but only within the countries available in your VPN plan.

2) Speed and Bandwidth - Since the company does not throttle speed or limit bandwidth, you can download unlimited content, stream tons of videos, use the service for VOIP and play games online for hours at a stretch. The VPN servers of SwitchVPN are connected to 1GBPS nodes plus the company guarantees 99.999% uptime so you can expect best speeds and total privacy at all times. The company even allows P2P sessions (only from Netherlands based server) so you can shield your torrenting activities from your ISP.

3) Bypass GEO-IP restrictions - With your SwitchVPN subscription, you can unblock an array of popular GEO-IP restricted services like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, CBS, NHL, CWTV, Amazon Prime, Hulu, MLB, Pandora, NBC, TNT, HBO Go, USA Network, FOX, Eurosport, Spacecast, Lovefilm, UK TV, STV, 4OD, Demand 5, iTV Player, Sky Go, CBC, Global TV, Bravo, Zattoo, Viasat, ProSieben, Voddler, Spotify, TV Tokyo, DMAX, City TV, WimpMusic, Film1, MTV, CMore, Canal+, RTL, Das Erste, Rara, AT5, TV Japan, ZDF, TVB, CTV, Deezer, RTVNH, Wilmaa, TMC, TSN, 3SAT, MioTV, SVT, Pluzz, ORF 1, TV Asahi, Sport1, D8, Arte, MyTV, W9, D17, Vox and Sat.1 from any corner of the world.

SwitchVPN Setup and Compatibility Features

The SwitchVPN service works best with Windows, Mac OS X (10.5+ only), Android, iPads, iPhones, Linux as well as Tomato and DD-WRT routers. The company provides proprietary VPN software for Mac and Windows but users of other systems and devices would need to configure the service manually. Setting up the service on any device shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes since the company has published detailed setup instructions for almost all operating systems. And although the company does not allow more than 1 connection (2 connections for Combo Pro users) at a time, you can buy additional connections by paying a very reasonable price.

SwitchVPN’s software allows you to connect/disconnect with one click, change servers and protocols, debug connection problems, use proxies and VPN together plus it has a notification system that alerts you in case of dropped connections. However, there is no provision of automatic shutdown of applications when the connection gets disrupted so your real IP address would be exposed when the connection goes down for some reason.

SwitchVPN Pricing and Customer Support Details

While subscribing to the SwitchVPN service, you can choose from the following plans:

Lite VPN Plan – The lite plan is ideal for those who want to secure just one device and need access to a limited number of servers. Under this plan, access to US, UK, Canada, Netherlands and Germany servers is available for $5.95/month, $15/3 months ($5/month) and $37.4/year($3.12/month).

Combo Pro Plan – The Combo Pro plan is suitable for those users who need to secure 2 devices at a time and need access to all the VPN servers that SwitchVPN has to offer. This plan is available from $9.95/month, $26.85/3months ($8.95/month) and $59.4/year($4.95/month).

If you need to secure more devices with one VPN subscription, you can buy additional connections starting from $1.95/month (per additional device).

SwitchVPN offers praiseworthy customer support through live chat and ticketing system. And if you are not able to set up or use the service for any reason, the support staff can also provide remote help via Teamviewer.

Final Recommendation on SwitchVPN VPN

SwitchVPN certainly excels on most evaluation parameters. The service provides very high level of security through its network and the support team ensures that you never face technical issues or connection problems. We recommend the service to those people who are looking for a secure and high performance VPN solution for their privacy needs.

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