TunnelBear Recommendation – How TunnelBear Protects Your Privacy On The Web?

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The internet is fast turning into a medium where even basic level of privacy is not available to web users. The surveillance programs launched by the governments as well as the threats posed by cyber criminals have made it almost impossible to browse the web without leaking your private data. This could be the reason why privacy solutions like Virtual Private Networks (VPNS) are becoming increasingly popular day by day. In this article, we will review one such VPN service, TunnelBear, and explain how it protects your anonymity on the web.

Background - TunnelBear Inc. is a Canada based security company. The company launched its own VPN service, TunnelBear VPN, in the year 2011 to offer a user friendly and affordable VPN solution to everyone. The company is well known in the VPN community for its stylish VPN software and never expiring free VPN plans.

TunnelBear Security Features

TunnelBear offers security and privacy through OpenVPN and IPSec protocols. The OpenVPN solution is available for personal computers and devices running on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android while IPSec protocol is supported on iOS devices (iPads, iPhones). The company offers 128 bit AES encryption through its service which is considered more than adequate to protect day to day online sessions plus sensitive activities like financial transactions and online shopping. Here are some more security features that are available with the service:

1) Security - TunnelBear offers 100% protection from all kinds of surveillance, monitoring, hacking, snooping, data sniffing and eavesdropping threats. The service can even secure your vital data such as passwords, social accounts and credit card details from hackers and criminals when you are connected a low security public Wi-Fi hotspot at an airport, mall, public park or a library.

TunnelBear has a user friendly logging policy as well; the company just records bandwidth used and the number of times a customer has used the service. The company is not bound by Canadian laws to keep traffic logs so your IP address and other personally identifiable information is never stored by the company. In addition, the company doesn’t sell or trade subscriber data to third parties like advertisers or marketing companies.

2) Censorship - TunnelBear is not only meant for securing privacy on the web, it also allows you to bypass the censorship measures deployed by governments and corporations. Expats, tourists, employees and students would be delighted to learn that the service allows you to unlock your favorite sites such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Gmail and Skype from behind country and institution level firewalls. However, TunnelBear doesn’t guarantee that the service would be accessible from China at all times which is indeed a big disappointment.

TunnelBear Accessibility Features

After looking at the security features provided by the service, let’s check out the accessibility options that come with a TunnelBear subscription. Since the service allows you to change your IP address, you would be able to access local content and streaming services from another country without facing IP or location blocks. Here are more details regarding the accessibility options provided by the service:

1) Server locations - TunnelBear has VPN gateways in 8 different countries including United States, France, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Australia, Japan and Netherlands. Since the service allows unlimited number of server switches to all customers (except for Australian server which can be accessed only by paid customers), you are free to change your IP address unlimited number of times and access local content and streaming services from 8 different countries.

2) Speed and Bandwidth - The great thing about TunnelBear is that it doesn’t restrict speeds or bandwidth in any way. While free subscribers can download and upload up to 500 MB of data per month, paid customers can stream HD content, download files, use VOIP tools and play games without running into speed or bandwidth limits. The free subscribers can even win an extra 1 GB of bandwidth every month just by letting their Twitter followers know about the service.

3) Bypass GEO-IP restrictions - With your TunnelBear subscription, you can unblock location restricted sites like MTV, NBC, Sky Go, ABC, HBO Go, Netflix, CBC, Canal+, Eurosport, Deezer, BBC iPlayer, TV Japan, Global TV, Spotify, Pandora, Vevo, TV Tokyo, Bravo, Hulu, USA Network, Film1, FOX, ABC iView, Lovefilm, The Comedy Network, Amazon Prime, Pluzz, Das Erste, Sport1, Star TV, TV Lab, TV Asahi, CTV, Xfinity, RTVNH, D8, TSN, iTV Player, WDR, Spacecast, ProSieben, Arte, Sat.1, UK TV, TMC, City TV, 4OD, Rara, Much Music, W9, AT5, STV, TNT, Vox, RTL, D17, NHL, CBS, Demand 5, MLB, CWTV and Vudu from any geographical area in the world.

TunnelBear Setup and Compatibility Features

TunnelBear VPN works with Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, iPads and iPhones. The company offers a user friendly software for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS operating systems but the option to configure the service manually is available only for Linux based computers. The service can be used from 3 different devices simultaneously (1 computer, 2 mobile devices) allowing you to secure all your devices with just one subscription.

Using TunnelBear’s software is one the easiest ways to secure your online activities. The sleek looking software allows you to connect/disconnect with the click of a button, switch VPN servers, connect to the nearest server automatically as well as diagnose connection problems and technical issues. The software even allows you to choose which websites should be routed through the VPN tunnel so that you can achieve an optimum mix of speed and security. However, the tool does not have an application binding feature so your IP address would be exposed if the VPN connection gets disconnected.

TunnelBear Pricing and Customer Support Details

TunnelBear’s unlimited speed and bandwidth plans are available from $4.99/month (Giant TunnelBear) and $49.99/year (Grizzly TunnelBear). In addition, the company offers mobile plans that can only be used from one device at a time for $2.99/month ($7.99/3 months and $29.99/year). The company does not have a refund policy so it is advisable to test the service by subscribing to the free plan first.

TunnelBear offers support only through email. While the lack of live chat support is indeed disappointing, the company has published troubleshooting instructions for a range of VPN issues on its portal.

Final Recommendation on TunnelBear VPN

TunnelBear delivers a smart VPN solution that really works. While the service is not without its limitations, it provides high speed VPN plans at very affordable rates. We recommend the service to web users who are looking for a cheap and easy to use VPN solution that provides them 100% privacy on the internet.

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